Five Reasons to Choose Google Apps for Business

1) Email - 30GB of storage per user, spam filtering. Never lose an email again and access from any mobile device. Read more »

What to Consider When Moving to the Cloud


Whether we like it or not, nearly every online service we consume uses or is moving to “The Cloud”.  This is particularly true of mobile devices.  This can be quite convenient and you might not be aware that you are even using it.  But for businesses and people who are concerned about their data it can be difficult to sort the hype from the reality for these cloud services.  Read more »

Do I Need A Mobile Responsive Website?

It has become a mobile world.  What does this mean for that website you just refreshed a couple of years ago?

Perhaps less than you think... Read more »

5 Reasons Drupal is Great

  Read more »

Kids Up Front Online Ticket Donation System

Programming: Intellect Solutions Inc.
Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Kids Up Front Online Ticket Donation System

The OTS (Online Ticket System) for Kids up Front is custom catered for the Vancouver chapter.  It integrates many functions into an online solution to handle a ticket donation workflow from the initial donation to final allocation and reporting requirements. Read more »

Project Management Tools

As a project manager, I use Gmail, Insightly, Google Calendar and an internal issue management system to keep tabs on multiple projects.  While this sometimes means replication between platforms, it also means nothing goes missing or gets missed.

What tools do you use for project management?

How to Protect Your DropBox Data

As has been mentioned here before,  DropBox and services like it have a lot of interesting  uses. The problem though is that for the security conscious these uses are limited and to the security unconscious they are downright dangerous. This isn't specific to DropBox, however. If, like me, you are deep deep down the rabbit hole with Google services then you have the same issue there as well. Read more »

Small Business Hosting Plan

  • Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • Premium Tier 1 bandwidth ensures the best uptime in the industry
  • 100GB monthly transfer / 10GB disk space
  • Over 128MB dedicated RAM for advanced script functions in a single instance
  • Advanced DNS management
  • Easy website backup feature
  • Optimized for Drupal
  • Linux supported scripting languages
  • Website analytics
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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iPhone/iPad Accessories Now Available

With every new generation of phones there are more and more gadgets.  

For iPhone 4 users, there is an eco-friendly option to amplify sound - the Horn Stand, which can also be used while the phone is charging.

For those who prefer to reduce emissions by biking to work, there is the iPhone bike mount with water-resistant pouch. Read more »

Life Without Google

I haven't attempted it.  I've read lots of articles about people who have gone offline (of course, I had to Google it to try to find the links again but was unsuccessful - quite a little industry has cropped up around people who are blogging about how to disconnect). Read more »

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