Marg Skogland, Wildlife Artist

Programming: Intellect Solutions Inc.
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Marg Skogland, Wildlife Artist

This local wildlife artist required a website to showcase her images and highlight a recent showing at the Surrey Art Gallery. Intellect Solutions Inc. provided recommendations and customized the theme to bring focus to the artwork while providing an easy to maintain website.

What and Where to Recycle in the Lower Mainland

There's a lot more recycling going on these days, and it's difficult to know who takes what.  Check out the list below and be amazed by what you can recycle!

Computer Hardware/Peripherals Recycling
Once you've had your fill of the blue screen of death or your machine spontaneously rebooting and have explored all the avenues of updating/repairing, there are a lot of local alternatives to trashing your hardware. Read more »

PSSTWorld - Protecting Surrey Schools Together

Programming: Intellect Solutions Inc. (partner/consulting)
Monday, September 20, 2010

Working under direction from Katanamite Interactive, Intellect Solutions was able to re-implement a number of custom module functions and tweak the existing theme to complete an extensive Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 migration.

Recycle CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs can be recycled! Cool, huh? I didn't know this until I came across the information by accident. While there's no vouching for the safety of recycling backup discs of your documents when you drop them in a store's communal bin, this is a great option for other coasters or discs that are scratched beyond repair. Read more »

Rechargeable and Alkaline Battery Recycling

There are many reasons to recycle batteries rather than throwing them in the garbage but the most common is to avoid lead, corrosive acids and heavy metals contained in batteries from polluting the environment after these substances enter through groundwater, surface water or rain (source:

Recycling alkaline and rechargeable batteries is easier than ever, with many dropoff locations in every city.  Read more »

Computer Hardware Recycling

ISI has always believed strongly in recycling computer hardware, from re-using RAM to boost the speed of older machines to building new computers out of scrap parts.  That said, at some point systems and parts pass their expiry date.  Rather than contributing to the landfill, free options are available for recycling computer hardware and peripherals, either by donating to charity or via electronic waste programs.  Below is a short list of some recycling options for the Lower Mainland: Read more »

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