Do I Need A Mobile Responsive Website?

It has become a mobile world.  What does this mean for that website you just refreshed a couple of years ago?

Perhaps less than you think... Read more »

iPhone Gadgets

Really cool iPhone gadgets.  I saw someone messing with their phone for a few minutes at a ballgame.  The guy kept attaching these things, and when finished, was suddenly holding up this iPhone with a big zoom lens, miraculously gaining the appearance of at least a 300% gain in mass.  A true transformer.


To be different.. or?

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Is Technology Leaving You Behind?

I ask myself this question every day - is technology leaving me behind?  When Intellect Solutions started off as a partnership back in the 90s, the focus was on selling computers.  We kept a few of those invoices to look back on, because it's phenomenal how much more the parts cost back then.  Today you can get a computer with decent speed for a few hundred bucks or a new 22"+ monitor for under three hundred dollars. Read more »

iPhone/iPad Accessories Now Available

With every new generation of phones there are more and more gadgets.  

For iPhone 4 users, there is an eco-friendly option to amplify sound - the Horn Stand, which can also be used while the phone is charging.

For those who prefer to reduce emissions by biking to work, there is the iPhone bike mount with water-resistant pouch. Read more »

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