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Do I Need A Mobile Responsive Website?

It has become a mobile world.  What does this mean for that website you just refreshed a couple of years ago?

Perhaps less than you think... Read more »

New - Twitter Profile Options

Well, this morning I received a note from Twitter about some new profile goodness. I guess the writing has been on the wall for this change for at least a few weeks, but if you've been working hard and missed it, here it is surprise.


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iPhone Gadgets

Really cool iPhone gadgets.  I saw someone messing with their phone for a few minutes at a ballgame.  The guy kept attaching these things, and when finished, was suddenly holding up this iPhone with a big zoom lens, miraculously gaining the appearance of at least a 300% gain in mass.  A true transformer.


To be different.. or?

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Basic Website Testing Ideas for the Small Business Owner

Prior to having your new website made live, as a consumer, it is always a good idea to properly inspect the goods/service being delivered. This ensures the value and quality of work produced is in line with your requirements and expectations, and may be your last chance to squeeze out fixes prior to making your final payment. Read more »

Version Control Primer - Drupal Flavoured

Do you sort your project files by the most recent email copy you have? Time to get your projects under Version Control. Read more »

Improve conversions with basic marketing tests

Organizations of all sizes have always been able to test their market using traditional mediums, making various tweaks to improve returns. Whether this is the encyclopedia salesperson testing a sales strategy or a hotel chain adjusting uniforms, given proper testing, results can be measured and acted upon.

For an online business, these same practices have often been just as applicable for the web. However, due to the technical nature of the work, implementing online market testing has been out of reach for the average small business owner. Read more »

Have the kids forgotten snake?

A good friend of mine sent me a link to a new Snake game this morning:

I admit, I'm a dinosaur when it comes to video games, so I cringed upon reading Nokia as the company that originally produced the game.

The website itself sells the game remarkably well, and it really is something to behold. I assure you, even if the game is not appearing, try checking out the link. Read more »

Search Engine Optimization Set Straight

Over the past few years, website owners have been barraged by promises to improve their website search engine rank. In many cases, website owners can benefit from the advice of a search engine expert, particularly in cases where the site is offering a valued service. Unfortunately,  with SEO, the process involved is so technical that many owners will not understand the ramifications of or the work that is being performed. Read more »

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