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Is Technology Leaving You Behind?

I ask myself this question every day - is technology leaving me behind?  When Intellect Solutions started off as a partnership back in the 90s, the focus was on selling computers.  We kept a few of those invoices to look back on, because it's phenomenal how much more the parts cost back then.  Today you can get a computer with decent speed for a few hundred bucks or a new 22"+ monitor for under three hundred dollars. Read more »

iPhone/iPad Accessories Now Available

With every new generation of phones there are more and more gadgets.  

For iPhone 4 users, there is an eco-friendly option to amplify sound - the Horn Stand, which can also be used while the phone is charging.

For those who prefer to reduce emissions by biking to work, there is the iPhone bike mount with water-resistant pouch. Read more »

Greening Your Home Office

As you may have gathered from my various posts about recycling, at ISI we feel it's our responsibility to do what we can to decrease our environmental impact.  For our home office, this includes the following items which fit quite naturally in with our personal lives:

a) composting
b) recycling
c) reducing energy consumption
d) decreasing paper consumption
e) planting a tree Read more »

Project Management Using Insightly

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Email Efficiency in Small Business

Quick tips for getting through emails quickly from Merlin Mann:

That's the short version.  I read my way through all of the original posts here:  My favourite part is likening email to medical triage - some will make it through the gauntlet, others can wait and the rest...well, you know. Read more »

BCMEX - New way to exchange electronics

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Another Email Scam (Domain Names)

Recently one of our long-term customers received an email with the text below.  A week later, we also received the same email.  This is one of those annoying messages that looks genuine but is not - basically the people involved are attempting to make businesses panic that their brand may be misused under a number of foreign domain extensions.  The company sending the email is offering to "protect" the brand/domain for you - But is basically just trying to sell you some domains through their registration service.

Our advice?  Delete. Read more »

Buy Web Hosting & Receive .COM or .CA free

Receive a  free .COM or .CA domain name registration with the purchase of any new web hosting plan.  Just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll help you choose a name and get set up.

Premium Business Hosting Plan $14.95/month - Essential Hosting Plan $4.50/month.

Offer valid from November 1, 2010 to November 30, 2010.

Ucluelet Aquarium

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Life Without Google

I haven't attempted it.  I've read lots of articles about people who have gone offline (of course, I had to Google it to try to find the links again but was unsuccessful - quite a little industry has cropped up around people who are blogging about how to disconnect). Read more »

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