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How to Protect Your DropBox Data

As has been mentioned here before,  DropBox and services like it have a lot of interesting  uses. The problem though is that for the security conscious these uses are limited and to the security unconscious they are downright dangerous. This isn't specific to DropBox, however. If, like me, you are deep deep down the rabbit hole with Google services then you have the same issue there as well. Read more »

What and Where to Recycle in the Lower Mainland

There's a lot more recycling going on these days, and it's difficult to know who takes what.  Check out the list below and be amazed by what you can recycle!

Computer Hardware/Peripherals Recycling
Once you've had your fill of the blue screen of death or your machine spontaneously rebooting and have explored all the avenues of updating/repairing, there are a lot of local alternatives to trashing your hardware. Read more »

Dropboxing My Way Through Computer Backup

A couple of weeks ago I set up a new computer for our client.  We don't really do this much lately, so had to think about exactly what we'd need to do in order to move all of the data over quickly and efficiently.  I burned a backup disc and also dumped all of the files into the client's Dropbox folder, which we had set up previously with this backup of files in mind.  This client had mostly documents, so it was not a huge amount of data to move over. Read more »

Changing Copyright Date of Website in Drupal

Nine days behind, but just changed the copyright date for our website, which is super easy in Drupal.

Log in, go to Administer, Site Information.  Edit your footer message to the correct year. Save and you're done.

Now Koji tells me there's a way to set this up so the date automatically changes!

iPhone Gadgets

Really cool iPhone gadgets.  I saw someone messing with their phone for a few minutes at a ballgame.  The guy kept attaching these things, and when finished, was suddenly holding up this iPhone with a big zoom lens, miraculously gaining the appearance of at least a 300% gain in mass.  A true transformer.


To be different.. or?

  Read more »

Putting Your Business on the Map

While looking up directions recently, I noticed Google has options for finding your business on Google.  There's a rating system for places you like personally as well, and both options start from here:

What's the point of having your business on Google Maps?  You can have current updates with information about products or promotions, photos, videos and people can even submit reviews about you. Read more »

How Do You Make Time For Your Company Website?

I studied social work for 8 years and received my Bachelor's Degree.  So why am I spending my days working on websites?  I missed my kids and didn't want to miss out on their pre-school years, so I quit to work from home.  We had no idea how things would turn out but Koji and I are compatible in our work ethic, passion for problem-solving and desire to make things as simple as possible for busy people. Read more »

Basic Website Testing Ideas for the Small Business Owner

Prior to having your new website made live, as a consumer, it is always a good idea to properly inspect the goods/service being delivered. This ensures the value and quality of work produced is in line with your requirements and expectations, and may be your last chance to squeeze out fixes prior to making your final payment. Read more »

.COMs for $10.00

From October 7 - 17, 2011, purchase as many new .COM domain names as you like for $10.00 each + tax.  

Search for your name at and email us at to register at this special price.

Why Do I Need An SSL?

I often find myself out of my realm with technical terms about some of the web products our company provides.  We've sold digital certificates for several years, and I simply invoiced these every year with no concept of what they were for - until I set up my eCommerce store. Read more »

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