What and Where to Recycle in the Lower Mainland

There's a lot more recycling going on these days, and it's difficult to know who takes what.  Check out the list below and be amazed by what you can recycle!

Computer Hardware/Peripherals Recycling
Once you've had your fill of the blue screen of death or your machine spontaneously rebooting and have explored all the avenues of updating/repairing, there are a lot of local alternatives to trashing your hardware.

FreeGeek in Vancouver accepts all kinds of computers/peripherals/printers/scanners etc.  If you're willing to put in 24 hours of volunteering, you'll even get a free computer.

Era in Vancouver accepts electronics and refurbishes them for donation to charities.  Era also offers boxes for school or offices should you want to start your own recycling program for cell phones and toner.

BC Electronics Material Exchange allows you to list old electronics for up to $99 or for free.  One's trash is another's treasure!

Computers for Schools BC accepts computers and will issue a tax receipt.

Encorp Recycling Depots accept electronics as well, including home and car audio systems and non-working telephones.

Small Appliances Recycling
Yup, that's right - everything from electric toothbrushes to coffee makers to vaccuum cleaners!  Full listing of items and Unplugged depots across BC is here.

Battery Recycling (Alkaline, Rechargeable, Cell Phone)
Call2Recycle allows you to search by location for facilities which accept batteries for recycling.  You can even sign up to be a collector!

FutureShop offers battery recycling at some locations, and may also accept some electronics items.

Best Buy also accepts batteries, as well as ink cartridges, CDs, MP3 players and even gift cards.

Recycle My Cell not only accepts cell phone batteries, but if there's no location near by, you can print off a label for prepaid shipping.

Ink Cartridges
FutureShop and Best Buy have dropoff bins in their stores.

CDs and DVDs
Precision Disc in Surrey, as well as FutureShop and Best Buy accept CDs and DVDs for recycling.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
LightRecycle depots are where you shop - London Drugs, Home Depot and Canadian Tire.

Anything Else
Check the RCBC Recyclepedia or ask around - thrift stores, electronics stores and community agencies often accept items for reuse.