Recycle CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs can be recycled! Cool, huh? I didn't know this until I came across the information by accident. While there's no vouching for the safety of recycling backup discs of your documents when you drop them in a store's communal bin, this is a great option for other coasters or discs that are scratched beyond repair.

Precision Disc in Surrey accepts CDs and DVDs - just box them up, mark them "recycling" and either ship them to the shipping/receiving bay or drop them off. It's recommended that if there is personal data on the discs, the data side of the disc be scored prior to dropoff in order that no information can be read from the discs. This company also accepts CD/DVD cases for recycling in the same way. FutureShop and Best Buy also have bins in some of their stores for recycling CDs/DVDs.


Dropoff locations for other items can be found in the Recycling Council of British Columbia's recyclepedia.

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