Phone Battery Recycling

Cell Phone Batteries

It's a reality - at some point the old cell phone battery just isn't charging anymore.  Rather than throwing it in the trash and introducing heavy metals and pollutants into the environment, below is a short list of locations which accept cell phone batteries.  This list is by no means complete, as there are a multitude of excellent options available in the community for recycling cell and cordless phone batteries.

Canadian Diabetes Association - this nonprofit society recycles cell phones and batteries through Project Redial.

Pitch-In National Cell Phone Recycling Program - non-profit society.

St. Aidan's Presbyterian Church - New Westminster

Value Village - all locations

Telus - all locations

Battery World - Vancouver

Cordless Phone Batteries

Generally speaking, cordless batteries can be returned to the retailer or manufacturer for recycling, as they contain cadmium.  Alternately, they can be returned to places like Battery World in Vancouver for recycling.  Other locations can be found in the Recycling Council of British Columbia's recyclepedia.