New - Twitter Profile Options

Well, this morning I received a note from Twitter about some new profile goodness. I guess the writing has been on the wall for this change for at least a few weeks, but if you've been working hard and missed it, here it is surprise.



The change is great, and should really help business and personal Twitter pages provide a lot more branding and information up front. In the past, we handled this by just controlling the background like this: Sample A
This was really a bit of a hack, as it made an assumption that the viewer was going to be using a wider screen to see the background fully.  In a lot of cases, it probably ended up looking like this: Sample B

With the new profile feature, I'm pleased to say that we can finally do away with the background hack and consider, say, a custom tiled background suitable for the corporate image, and a nice constrained and supported area for proper image branding.

If you are comfortable with Photoshop, I came across a few posts with free templates for Twitter's profile header area.  Straight download here.  Or check out this one (needs an email signup) here.

Really not happy with this attempt, will be promptly sending a request to one of our design partners for help on this angel.

Sample C