Managing Shared Tasks and To-Do Lists

I was having a discussion with Dave, who has expertise in keeping data secure in the cloud. We were trying to figure out what works best for sharing tasks/to-do lists in professional/personal circumstances, as this type of information is also stored in the cloud. Turns out we use a lot of the same ones in similar ways.

Google Docs

SS - Awesome for sharing, great integration with Insightly, Google Drive is great too as the documents are then synced to whichever devices you use. Plus, guess how Dave and I collaborated on this post?

DW - Great for on the go spreadsheets or docs. Makes a great shared Christmas shopping list complete with running totals that you and your significant other can update from any device in real time as you shop.


DW - The new indispensable business tool.  Seems to be the corporate standard for converting to a tablet from paper notebooks.  Not only can I take notes but I can take photos of whiteboard sessions or record voice presentations.  Now I can search all my meeting notes instead of flipping page by page through multiple paper notebooks.  All this can be tagged per customer and/or project.  Plus I can access from my laptop, tablet and phone or in a pinch from the web wherever I am.

SS - A catchall for lists, notes, articles to snip from the web and read later, videos to watch, crafting patterns, articles your boss told you to read. Integrates with Insightly too.


SS - Great for lists which can be shared using the web, then are easily accessible from mobile devices. We use this to remember what we need to pick up from the store or to collaborate on the kids' activities (i.e. questions for the teacher)

DW - Can be a great tool for multidevice and shared tasks lists. One for groceries, one for work projects to finish, one for making sure you get all your errands done on the weekend.  Check it on your phone, tablet and computer. We keep a list of groceries we need as we think of it and then round it out just before we go shop.  Helps in not missing to buy milk because you only remember when you’re not shopping.

Google Calendar

DW - My wife and I have a shared calendar that we put everything we need to do in.  Birthdays, anniversaries, days off work/school, kids events (school meetings, sports practices, birthday parties), dinner parties and nights out with the guys/girls everything gets recorded and I don't forget and double-book an evening.  Saves a great deal of marital stress.

SS - Lots of features here for work or personal. Can share calendars, download other people’s calendars (i.e. hockey game schedule, work projects schedule), add items to a calendar so co-workers will see a meeting is scheduled. Love the pop-up and email reminders too.


SS - Good for work-related tasks as they can be assigned to a project so everything is tidy in its own place. Reminders in email are helpful, as is the feature of being able to repeat a task if you don’t think you’ll get around to it that day.

What do you use to manage shared tasks and to-dos?