How Do You Make Time For Your Company Website?

I studied social work for 8 years and received my Bachelor's Degree.  So why am I spending my days working on websites?  I missed my kids and didn't want to miss out on their pre-school years, so I quit to work from home.  We had no idea how things would turn out but Koji and I are compatible in our work ethic, passion for problem-solving and desire to make things as simple as possible for busy people.

Over the past year I set up an eCommerce store (and with it learned how to configure modules including Canada Post, what taxonomy is about and how to integrate social media).  Over the past few months, I got a crash course in the Drupal theming process, finally figured out how to do some simple things in PhotoShop and puzzled my way through why things just wouldn't quite look the way they were supposed to. I also learned about context (i.e. making a header photo or different navigation menu appear on one page but not another one), how to set up a simple photo gallery and made a webform.  Suffice it to say, I probably set a record each day for the number of questions I asked Koji (and the number of times he probably wanted to throw his tablet at me).

Nearing completion of one of our major projects, I'm excited about the possibilities of incorporating some of the things I learned from it into other websites we work on, including our own company's.  Like many business owners, however, we find ourselves pressed for time during which we can make improvements to our own site and keep content updated for our clients.  It's easy to say that we will set aside time each week for brainstorming/adding new features and we have implemented ideas like setting reminders in Insightly, but reality and deadlines often dictate differently.

How do you ensure that your company makes it a priority for its website to reflect your company's current goals?  How often do changes need to be made to keep content relevant to your clients?