Have the kids forgotten snake?

A good friend of mine sent me a link to a new Snake game this morning:

I admit, I'm a dinosaur when it comes to video games, so I cringed upon reading Nokia as the company that originally produced the game.

The website itself sells the game remarkably well, and it really is something to behold. I assure you, even if the game is not appearing, try checking out the link.

Wrap up

It is not my intention to be poking fun.  The website amused me greatly, and so I am sharing the link.  The game itself is like a fun stroll down memory lane. It's something anyone can play, although from the website pictures, I did expect a larger more realistic looking snake and mouse.

At first I had trouble seeing the mouse (it was in the top left corner), as with all Snake games, this one starts out slowly, but the intensity increases in a linear fashion until you crash, either by desire or madness.

I enjoyed the concept of the mouse chasing after the cheese. You cannot actually prevent the mouse from getting the cheese (I managed to intercept it once, but it jumped over me); However once the mouse has the cheese, it emits laughter and remains still for easy consumption.

I asked my son: "What do you think?". He replied "It looks like an old ATARI game"

I then asked: "Anything like what you have seen before?"... He replies: "Trailblazer".

Pretty good similarity.. Proud day .  :)

I remember this game from later versions of MS-DOS, which included the source code for snake.bas (to be compiled with Quickbasic).

On further research, it really dates back to 1976, check out the history.