Computer Hardware Recycling

ISI has always believed strongly in recycling computer hardware, from re-using RAM to boost the speed of older machines to building new computers out of scrap parts.  That said, at some point systems and parts pass their expiry date.  Rather than contributing to the landfill, free options are available for recycling computer hardware and peripherals, either by donating to charity or via electronic waste programs.  Below is a short list of some recycling options for the Lower Mainland:

Electronic Recycling Association - this nonprofit society refurbishes computers and donates them to charities. Dropoff locations in Surrey, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and Delta.

Free Geek Vancouver - this nonprofit organization takes all computer hardware regardless of its condition and provides technology-related community services.  Dropoff or pickup

Computer Recycling Society of Canada, Vancouver - this nonprofit organization distributes refurbished computers and provides training locally and globally. Dropoff or pickup.

The Hackery, Vancouver - this company accepts donations and resells parts. Unusable items are recycled. Dropoff or pickup in Vancouver/Burnaby only.

Computers for Schools B.C. - this nonprofit agency provides computers to schools and the community. Dropoff in Burnaby.

Encorp Pacific Return-It Electronics Recycling - this company accepts computers for recycling at many locations in the Lower Mainland. Dropoff.

London Drugs - accepts items purchased at the store, fees apply to drop off electronics purchased elsewhere.

Don't forget to ask!

Many thrift stores, bottle depots, electronics stores and community agencies accept electronics for donation or recycling.  Some offer tax receipts.

Dropoff locations for other items can be found in the Recycling Council of British Columbia's recyclepedia.